Planet Devon is committed to supporting the owners and breeders of the Devon Rex Cat. We created a site to permit potential pet parents find the baby or retired Devon of their dreams from ethical and responsible breeders, committed to improving the elvish, gremlin, darling Devon Rex.

Welcome to Planet Devon

Welcome to Planet Devon - your guide to breeders and breed information for Devon Rex cats. The look is all new but the info is still here! You can look for breeders or breeders who have cats and kittens available for sale. If you are a breeder you can register for an account to create a profile and post announcements. 


Congratulations! Tomato and SweetPea found a new home!



Our new site will launch soon!

Please watch your email for a breeder registration form for the New Planet Devon!

The new site will launch around mid-October! Each breeder will be able to create a full cattery page with pictures! 

 If you already have an account login to create or update content, including kitten announcements, cattery profile, blog entries, etc. Your login name and password from the old site should work here. We have tried to bring over as much content as possible from the old site.


Please bear with us during this period of transition. If you have questions or discover problems with features on the site, please send email to


*Watch this space for continuing updates on the future of Planet Devon!*


PET BUYERS: Please be a responsible kitten/cat owner. Learn about what makes a responsible and ethical breeder here. Other Cat Associations have a similar code that registered breeders commit to follow.

Planet Devon will provide full details about a cattery's policies regarding sale and placement of cats and kittens. You will be able to carefully assess a breeder from the content here at Planet Devon. We want to know if a cattery's policies are not consistent with what they have posted here!

PLANET DEVON IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONTENT OF INDIVIDUAL CATTERY  LISTINGS, OR DEALINGS BETWEEN CATTERIES & PET BUYERS. Planet Devon is not repsonsible for the content of individual cattery listings or dealings between Catteries, Breeders and Pet Buyers.